My passion for yoga and meditation has been inspired by the many wonderful teachers at ASMY.

The practice of yoga and meditation in my daily life has been a transformative experience and I feel moved to share these amazing practices with others.

I love the physical benefits that yoga asana has to offer as a good yoga asana session really leaves the body feeling more vibrant and in better condition. The pranayama/ breathing exercises calm the mind and feels so refreshing both physically and mentally. I love the savasana or relaxation to really let go of tension and invite deep rest and rejuvenation into the body and also creating greater awareness of the body and encouraging detachment from the activities of the mind.

Kirtan is definitely a favourite though and a meditation practice that I hope everyone gets to experience at least once in their life. Kirtan is such a powerful practice where you can immediately experience all the problems of life melt away, while with great ease just rest and be peacefully immersed in the beautiful yoga sound.

In my yoga asana classes I like to teach strengthening flow sequences as well as deep mindful stretches to release tension and build on flexibility. My Deep Peace classes are an opportunity for you to completely rest your body, mind and heart with a deeply relaxing fusion of yoga nidra, pranayama, minfulness and ancient meditation practices. This class offers you some amazing tools to be able to continue your meditation practice at home and gradually move you closer to experiencing the lasting peace and happiness that you desire. Namaste, hope to see you at a class!