Meet our West End Teachers



My yoga journey began 22 years ago when I happened to stumble upon a free meditation class by the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga at Burleigh Heads. After attending, I felt such relief, I was hooked! Read on...




I took up yoga later in life after many years of doing everything but yoga – tai chi, belly dancing, gym, karate, pilates. I used to think how could just siting around on the floor doing a bit of twisting and stretching possibly do any good – how wrong I was! Read on...



Yoga and meditation have been a real gift to me as they are a real gift to humanity. You don’t even have to be proficient at these practices to feel immediate benefits .The aim of the different yoga processes is to ultimately help an individual achieve complete harmony. Read on..



I was first drawn to yoga for it’s mindful and relaxing qualities as part of my practice of self-care, to manage stresses in life and my job as a social worker. I am a great advocate of taking time out for yourself and creating the space to direct your intention inward, particularly in this fast-paced world. I have experienced the benefits first hand and the positive impacts this has had on my mind and body. Read on...




I am super excited to share my enthusiasm and love of yoga to ASMY and bring my passion and eagerness to share this wonderful gift into my classes. I especially enjoy teaching a slow moving hatha flow class, working on correct alignment and working with the breath. I hope to see you around at the ASMY centre. Read on...




I have been passionate about hatha yoga since I started practicing 15 years ago. I am particularly focused on alignment which sets a good foundation for one’s hatha yoga practice and helps people to develop good habits. Read on...



Stef exudes a passion for yoga. “I first came to the mat as a teenager struggling with insomnia and frustrated with dance injuries. Yoga has been such a powerful anchor through the tides of life that I have naturally found more and more time and energy to devote to my practice.” Read on...




I discovered the yoga mat about 6 years ago, when a friend dragged me along to a yoga class at ASMY. It was only then that I discovered that years of long distance running had given me tight hips, and that I lacked core strength, and that I had a restless mind. Read on...


I began my Yoga journey 16 years ago when a few health issues rose to impede my body. After the first class I knew this was the missing piece in my life & I have been on the road to discovery ever since. I wish they taught yoga in school! Read on...