Stress Reducer Serenity Booster

There is more to life than increasing its speed. – Mahatma Gandhi

End the year on a high – re-energise, rejuvenate and make changes to begin 2019 with a new mindset.

Consider how many times you have felt stressed this week/month/year or know someone who ‘suffers from stress.’ The pace and complexity of modern life remains ever-challenging resulting in stress being a part of our everyday lives. Just consider how the spread of technology has blurred the lines

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30 Day Yoga Challenge – West End Brisbane

How would it feel to practice yoga and meditation every day?
To relax, unwind and feel grounded every day, for 30 days?

This coming November we invite you to join us for a solid 30 days of practice! This challenge is perfect for anyone who:

– Wants to make yoga a healthy habit
– Would like to establish a simple and sustainable home practice
– Is curious about how yoga practices can benefit their

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Tribal Flow Yoga/Dance Fusion with Gopali dasi

Tribal Flow is a dynamic, flowing Yoga/ dance fusion practised to the healing vibrations of the Didgeridoo and drumming, guaranteed to boost your energy levels, wipe stress from your body, put a smile on your face and leave you feeling amazing!

Join Gopali Dasi and the Tribe for an afternoon of yoga, breathe, dance, amazing live music and sound healing, fun, freedom and flow.

This experience is open to all and it can be adapted to whatever you need…. we always encourage all those who

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Ayurvedic Cooking and Nutrition for Westerners

Are you looking to improve your health and vitality by following a healthier and more wholesome diet? Are you seeking inspiration to prepare delicious vegetarian meals on a daily basis? Are you keen to understand your physical constitution (dosha) and adjust your nutrition accordingly? Then this Ayurvedic cooking workshop might be just what you need…

First Dr. Pradeep Neupane, an experience Ayurveda specialist, will reveal the secrets of Ayurvedic diet and nutrition

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Healthy Habits That Set You Free!

We all know we need to develop good habits  to be happy and healthy but … it seems so difficult to do!  We stick with the old, often broken groove because it is familiar and  doesn’t require effort.  This is an exploratory workshop suitable for all ages, which will help you understand why habits are so difficult to change and most importantly, support you in transitioning to letting go of the bad and welcoming the new – for good!

You will leave feeling

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Free Life Enhancement Workshop – The Joy of Giving

At this Life-Enhancement Evening, I will be speaking on “The Joy of Giving”.

We will explore the joy that comes from doing something for someone else (even a small thing). Caring and sharing actually begin to awaken the eternal nature of the soul itself and give us a small taste of real spiritual happiness. We reflect on how the nature of the soul is to love, and that caring/compassion is the seed of love.

At these ‘Life-Enhancement Evenings’, we will be exploring ways

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Free Life Enhancement Workshop – Mindfulness

At this Life-Enhancement Evening, I will be speaking on “Mindfulness”.

Mindfulness cultivates a real experience of who we are and that we are separate from our minds and helps bring about a sense of inner calm. It’s not just theoretical, superficial, or temporary, but comes from a place of real understanding of who we are. In this Mindfulness workshop you will learn:

*How to practice mindfulness meditation

*How to make mindfulness a practical application in your daily life.


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Handstand Workshop with Samantha Doyle

Enjoy a fun, invigorating 3hr workshop that will equip you with everything you need to master handstand in your personal practice.

This afternoon workshop includes:

– Lead up drills to help you build strength and refine your technique

– A full yoga class designed to help you prime all the parts of your body that need it

– Prop work you can practice at home

– A biomechanical breakdown of how Handstands work (so you can easily understand what to do, and what not

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Free Life Enhancement Workshop – The Power of Choice

At this Life-Enhancement Evening, I will be speaking on ‘The Power of Choice’. We often fail to recognize the impact that the decisions we make and actions we take, have on our lives and our happiness. Wherever we are at this point in our life, and the experience we are having, are a direct result of our choices and actions. The truth is that we have a profound influence on our own happiness. Learning to make good decisions and choices will lead to happiness.

At these ‘Life-Enhancement

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Decadent Desserts – Raw Vegan

At ASMY, we have created a variety of vegan cooking classes to introduce, inspire and whet your appetite for beautiful, whole food that will nourish your body and boost your glow. We aim to delight the senses with our awesome cooking classes  – think delicious, beautifully presented food with easy recipes to recreate at home. A feast for your eyes as much as your belly.

At this fun, entertaining demonstration, you’ll learn How to Make tantalising, healthy and divine sweets without the

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Free Life Enhancement Workshop – Learning to Forgive

At this Life-Enhancement Evening, I will be speaking on “Learning to Forgive”.

Learning to forgive is in our best interest. To forgive someone doesn’t mean their actions were right, but it is an amazing act of kindness and is liberating. Holding on to hurt feelings and anger make us prisoners of the past and trap us in a dark place.

At these ‘Life-Enhancement Evenings’, we will be exploring ways to improve our lives from the wisdom of the ancient Vedas. This great

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Free Life Enhancement Workshop – Living in Harmony with Nature

At this Life-Enhancement Evening, I will be speaking on “Living in Harmony with Nature”.

Did you know that everything in this universe is influenced by the modes of nature known as gunas? These three gunas are known as: sattva(goodness, constructive, harmonious), rajas (passion, active, confused), and tamas (darkness, destructive, chaotic). All three gunas are present in everyone and everything in varying degrees. The interplay of these gunasdefine

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Free Life Enhancement Workshop – Finding True Happiness

At this Life-Enhancement Evening, I will be speaking on ‘Finding True Happiness’…so where is true happiness to be found? Not just that temporary, fleeting happiness that comes and goes, but that deep and lasting happiness that stays with you. True happiness is there, we just need to know where to find it so we’ll be going on a deep inward journey to discover where that true happiness actually lies.

At these ‘Life-Enhancement Evenings’, we will be exploring ways

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Sacred Women’s Circle

*Do you feel it’s time to start nurturing yourself?

*Are you longing for authentic connections and a deeper sense of community?

If you said yes to one or both of the above, then you must join us for our “Sacred Women’s Circle”. It’s so replenishing, connecting and healing to gather with sisters who are there to support you.

Our role as women in this world is so multifaceted. We are many things to

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The Spirit of Yoga

Beyond all our stories, blocks, traumas and misconceptions, there is a path that leads to eternal happiness. No matter what material flaws or attachments are covering our true nature, we can transcend them through the path of yoga, and live a life of meaning, purpose and fulfilment.

In this age of digital revolution, it’s easy to get lost in the noise of option & information overload. Modern society has our mind constantly agitated by the bombardment of advertising, social pressures,

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Conquer Clutter – de-clutter your mind, your space, your life with mindfulness

For many of us, our lives are cluttered with unnecessary things, we are time poor, and research has identified one of the growing ailments is an increase in depression and anxiety. Many people can relate to always rushing and trying to maintain a work/life balance is becoming harder. For example, just consider how much information we are exposed to in one day and all day – emails, texts, news, work-related information, social media and so on! This workshop is about making positive changes for a

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Fate, Destiny, Karma & Reincarnation – 3 Part Course

Is there life after death? how does the law of karma shape my present and future experiences? Can I change my destiny?

The timeless wisdom of yoga describes clearly what we call reincarnation is simply the changing of bodies;

As the embodied soul continuously passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. The self-realized soul is not bewildered by such a change.
(Bhagavad-gita 2.13)

In this illuminating

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