Vegan Greek Cuisine

At ASMY, we have created a variety of vegan cooking classes to introduce, inspire and whet your appetite for beautiful, whole food that will nourish your body and boost your glow. We aim to delight the senses with all our ASMY experiences, and our cooking classes are no exception – think delicious, beautifully presented food with easy recipes to recreate at home. A feast for your eyes as much as your belly We’ve got a wonderful variety of Greek dishes lined up for you this May.

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Discover Your Dosha with Dr Pradeep Nupane

In this informative seminar by renowned Ayurvedic practitioner Dr Pradeed Neupane you’ll discover your own unique body type or dosha and the most suitable lifestyle to live a life of optimal health. Dosha, meaning “imbalance” in Sanskrit, refers to the bioelements in your body. Just as nature has 5 elements (infinity, air, fire, water and earth) our bodies also have the five elements. We have all three doshas within us Vata (infinity and air elements), Pitta (fire and water elements) and

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Free Life Enhancement Workshop – What is True Freedom?

At this Life-Enhancement Evening, I will be speaking on ‘The Power of Choice’. We often fail to recognize the impact that the decisions we make and actions we take, have on our lives and our happiness. Wherever we are at this point in our life, and the experience we are having, are a direct result of our choices and actions. The truth is that we have a profound influence on our own happiness. Learning to make good decisions and choices will lead to happiness.

At these ‘Life-Enhancement

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Free Life Enhancement Workshop – Take Shelter from the Storms of Life

Has there been stormy weather in your life recently? Has it been a year of unexpected rain or storms? Maybe sometimes it’s just a drizzle and sometimes heavy rain? Maybe at other times it’s been a powerful storm with thunder and lightning?

Storms are a part of everyones life, sometimes small, sometimes large, they come and go causing us much anxiety, stress and grief.

In this spiritual exploration from the wisdom of the Vedas, we discover where we can take shelter of the storms of life,

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Gauranga Full Moon Festival

Join us in a night of fun-filled festivities as we celebrate the birth of Sri Gauranga who began the glorious kirtan tradition that is now sweeping the globe.
Sri Gauranga appeared 500 years ago, just before sunset on a beautiful full moon night in Bengal, India. His main purpose was to spread kirtan all over the world as the method of self-realisation in this age of Kali, the age of quarrel, chaos and confusion.

Sri Gauranga changed the very fabric of Indian society by begging everyone

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Creating Your Spiritual Sanctuary: Home Worship Workshop

In this workshop you will discover the sacred practices of Bhakti yoga that will help to sanctify your home and your heart. Yoga means union or harmony between the body, mind, spirit and the Supreme Spirit, Krishna.

You will learn
• How to establish your own home worship routine and set up an altar
• What you can offer to Krishna
• Tips on how to make your meditation more effective
• Beautiful mantras & sacred prayers
• Bhakti and nourishing your garden of spiritual love

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Mantra Sound Bath

Self-care is something we far too often overlook, but is is something we all desperately need and should be making a priority in our busy lives. Looking after our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is what refreshes, rejuvenates and energises us so that we can move forward with our lives in a more balanced, harmonious way.

Enter Mantra Sound Bath! Never heard of a sound bath? Well you are certainly missing out on something very wonderful. A sound bath is just like taking a bath. Don’t

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Ayurvedic Secrets for Living an Amazing Life

Transform your health, mindset and life by living an Ayurvedic lifestyle

Ayurveda is THE leading health system for promoting lasting transformation. Ayurveda teaches us how to optimize and maintain health as well as improve energy and awareness.

We are really excited to present this popular interactive workshop to help you understand your constitutional dosha. The doshas are three biological energies found throughout the human body and mind governing physical and mental processes.

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Sri Nityananda Appearance Day Celebration

Join us in a special night of fun-filled, joyous festivities as we celebrate the advent of Sri Nityananda Prabhu who appeared along side Sri Gauranga to inaugerate and spread the glorious kirtan tradition.

500 years ago, in the ancient kingdom of Bengal, two great transcendental personalities; Sri Nityananda & Sri Gauranga, appeared and freely spread the chanting of the holy names of the supreme soul throughout all of India. This kirtan tradition which is the Yuga Dharma or the recommended

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Free Life Enhancement Workshop – Happiness and the Spiritual Path

In the mondern western world with virtually unlimited ways of trying to find happiness, people are the unhappiest they’ve ever been. It even has a name now; the unhappiness epidemic. Why? Why are we empty? Why are we unfulfilled? Why are we so unhappy?

We explore happiness from a yoga perspecive! There is a way to find true happiness but it means taking a completely different direction in life, a direction that will take you on a wonderful journey to the true happiness you’ve been seeking.


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Holistic Workshop for Stress Management

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought and habit over another.”

This is the perfect time to prepare a holistic approach for stress management and make changes to begin 2020 with a new mindset.

Stress comes in many shape and forms. Aside from relationships, work problems, illnesses, and so on ultimately, it’s the mind that causes us stress. You may find yourself thinking about your problems incessantly, turning them over and over

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Free Life Enhancement Workshop – The Loneliness Epidemic

When politicians are staging national interventions to force us to connect with each other — and actually spending real money on the problem — you know it’s a genuine crisis.
Until recently, loneliness has also been largely underappreciated. It’s an emotional state we’ve all dwelt in at some point of our lives, and it’s so familiar that it’s tempting

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FREE Life Enhancement Evening – Finding Perfect Love

The ideal of perfect love is something everyone hopes for, but is it even possible? The answer is yes. But not within a temporary and imperfect world. This desire is rooted in our eternal and spiritual nature and can only be experienced in that which is eternal, spiritual, and perfect.

Within this world, we enter into relationships with others, and we often hope that they will turn out to be the perfect person to love. To place such an expectation upon others is unfair to ourselves and others.

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Life Enhancement Evening – Dealing with Stress

Stress is the body’s way of responding to demand or pressures. It can be caused by both good and bad experiences. In many cases stress is a healthy reaction. It helps us cope with life’s challenges. However too much stress, or prolonged stress can affect our physical and mental health. Taking steps to cope with situations we find stressful is important so we can function and live productive lives.

At these ‘Life-Enhancement Evenings’, we will be exploring ways to improve our

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Free Life Enhancement Workshop – What is True Freedom?

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘freedom’?

Many people think of it as being free to act as you please, no inhibitions, nothing holding you up or getting in your way.

The dictionary generally gives two main definitions of freedom. One is the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. The second is the power or the right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

But this definition ignores the reality of the law of karma – that for every action there

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All About Essential Oils

We invite you to join for a fun and informative Essential Oil Class all about being your own empowered wellness advocate – to serve yourself and family using the purest plant exacts.

This is perfect if you want to join this health revolution, but you don’t know where to start. Or you’ve been dabbling and experimenting, but it’s time to get serious about your health and live what we call the ‘Oily Lifestyle’

Join doTERRA Wellness Advocate

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Free Life Enhancement Workshop – Understanding Death & Dying

In this workshop we explore the Vedic perspective on death, dying and bereavement. In order to really understand death and dying, we need to embrace the foundational truth that I am a spiritual identity and I exist apart from my material body. This creates a whole new way to consider the meaning of death and who or what dies. I hope you can join us for this interesting exploration.

At these ‘Life-Enhancement Evenings’, we will be discovering ways to improve our lives from the wisdom

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Tribal Flow Yoga/Dance Fusion with Gopali dasi

Tribal Flow is a dynamic, flowing Yoga/ dance fusion practised to the healing vibrations of the Didgeridoo and drumming, guaranteed to boost your energy levels, wipe stress from your body, put a smile on your face and leave you feeling amazing!

Join Gopali Dasi and the Tribe for an afternoon of yoga, breathe, dance, amazing live music and sound healing, fun, freedom and flow.

This experience is open to all and it can be adapted to whatever you need…. we always encourage all those who

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