Gauranga Full Moon Festival

Join us in a night of fun-filled festivities as we celebrate the birth of Sri Gauranga who began the glorious kirtan tradition that is now sweeping the globe.
Sri Gauranga appeared 500 years ago, just before sunset on a beautiful full moon night in Bengal, India. His main purpose was to spread kirtan all over the world as the method of self-realisation in this age of Kali, the age of quarrel, chaos and confusion.

Sri Gauranga changed the very fabric of Indian society by begging everyone

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Mantra Drumming Workshop Jam Circle

This hands-on workshop jam circle is a fun, creative and innovative way to explore mantra meditation, sacred kirtan music and drumming beats!

Whether you are completely new to meditation and drumming or a pro, everyone is welcome to this light-hearted mantra drumming jam circle! We will build from guided meditation, to unique and hypnotic drum rhythms and finally to include sacred yoga mantras. The finale will be the whole group experience combining with vocalists and guitarists to jam and perform

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Riverside Full Moon Kirtan

Riverside. Full moon. Meditation. Music. Kirtan. Community. Family Friendly.

Enjoy a blissful night of moonlit mantras and meditation at the riverside Orleigh Park at West End. Our full moon meditation evening are filled with music, meditation, mantras, mindfulness and an amazing community! Perfect night of sacred sound bathing, socialising & chilling.

Bring your friends, a picnic, a rug and some beach chairs, and get ready to settle in to an enchanting night of moonlit

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