Restorative Yoga

Hi, I’m Helen Vann a long-time yoga practitioner and teacher at ASMY West End. The speed at which we all seem to live our lives these days – rushing to and fro with jobs and family commitments – leaves many of us chronically tired and stressed with very few opportunities to recharge our batteries.

This is where Restorative Yoga comes in. It is a deeply relaxing practice – there is no striving to achieve the perfect pose, no ‘working the edge’. It is simply an opportunity for deep

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Phases of the Moon Sequence

While the influence of the sun is felt strongly in the change of seasons and in the passing of the daylight from dawn till dusk, the influence of the moon is more subtly felt throughout each monthly phase of the moon. From the time of new beginnings of the freshly dawning new moon to the energy charged full moon and then to the slowly waning of the second phase of the moon we may notice a very subtle change reflected in our energy levels. We often replicate this in our asana practice as a slow building

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Ayurvedic Tips for Reducing Anxiety

Unfortunately, anxiety has become a common experience amongst all age groups in today’s society. As our modern lifestyles become busier (and at times overwhelming) it’s important to have effective strategies in place to help keep us grounded and well.

It seems that all of us will feel the effects of anxiety at some point in our lives, which is why it is so important to know the signs and symptoms, as well as some healthy techniques for

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Yoga Techniques for Anxiety

Find deep peace within with these simple yoga practices for Anxiety.

Anxiety is all too common. So common in fact that it is showing up more and more even amongst our little children. At my Deep Peace Sessions I see all age groups coming along for a range of reasons from sleep management to anxiety attacks to anger issues and racing minds. Stress hits

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