Empower Yourself with Spiritual Knowledge

Spiritual Knowledge empowers you because it gives you the ability to make informed decisions. Life is a journey and every decision changes the road ahead. But what is that journey and why does it matter? We look to the ancient Yoga teachings to answer these questions.

Seeking True Happiness

According to the yoga wisdom process, we shouldn’t set our goals of life long achievements on things that are temporary, which will not satisfy us. because they come hand in hand with suffering. Instead, we should learn where true happiness can be found, a happiness that will bring us great joy, and will not disappear. This is the goal of the yoga process.

Understanding True Identity

According to ancient yoga scripture, in order to achieve the highest happiness of wisdom and spiritual love, you need to know your true identity.

Understanding your true identity is the foundation of enlightenment and self realisation. It can be life changing in how you determine your purpose in life, in what ways you pursue happiness, and how you see others and the world around you.

Becoming Truly Peaceful

According to the ancient Vedas, the nature of the soul is free and full of bliss. Free from all demands of the mind and is truly happy and satisfied. Learn how we can uncover this natural position that is rightfully ours, and be truly free, truly peaceful.

Our Yoga Wisdom Programmes

We incorporate Yoga Wisdom into our Sunday Night Kirtan program. We also have various workshops and events throughout the year, see our Events page for details.

Our Teachers

Tota Gopinath Das is an experienced and long term practitioner of the Yoga Wisdom process. He loves to lead Kirtan and also share the gems of wisdom he has received, helping others to navigate the journey of life and find real peace within.