Mantra Meditation Experience

Interweaving live music, mantras, mindfulness, and the breath to deepen your meditation experience, this Mantra Meditation evening is both soothing, yet uplifting. You will be sure to leave feeling lighter, calmer and truly nourished within.

Every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the Month. 5 - 6:30 pm


Is a Kirtan Evening—A mantra is not just a sound of any kind. A mantra means that sound which draws the mind away from the temporary material dimension with all of it’s problems, hassles, anxieties, concerns and puts it onto the eternal.—

Everyone is welcome, whether you regularly engage in meditation or are new to the experience, we encourage you to come along and join Amit and Chantelle for a special night of community chanting in the beautiful location of Sandgate, only one block away from the waterfront.

When: 1st & 3rd Saturday, 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Where: 153 Rainbow St, Sandgate QLD 4017

Cost: Runs by donation.

Booking is appreciated to follow Covid Safety plan.

Contacts: Amit: 0403 262 069 | Chantelle: 0402 463 828

We would like to warmly thank SANDBAG community centre for their support with this event.




Chantelle has been applying the Yoga Lifestyle in her life for over ten years. It has deeply transformed her from the inside-out. She finds joy from sharing all the tools, resources and inspirations that have been instrumentals in her own journey with others and supporting them to make simple changes in their life so they can experience the many benefits from this amazing process.

Chantelle is also a fun and nurturing yoga asana teacher who finds the balance between challenging her students and doing the core poses well. You can expect Chantelle’s classes to have a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Every class is unique with a real emphasis on students needs and their areas of tension.

Amit Meditation


Amit is a practitioner of mantra meditation for over 10 years. After some tough times in his life, and always feeling unfulfilled in the happiness derived from the "external", he started on the journey of self-discovery. He was fortunate enough to come across a genuine selfless spiritual teacher from whom he has received these ancient meditation practices that is available to everyone to cultivate lasting peace and deeper happiness.

For the Yoga Asana classes, he focuses on yoga alignment and breath. He holds the poses for longer duration and likes to tell the benefits of each pose in his class. You will find his classes helpful to increase focus, alignment, awareness and to feel relaxed at the end.


The Sandbag Community Centre, Sandgate.

The hall is situated near the Sandgate train station with plenty of parking space. A very tranquil environment conducive for relaxation and meditation.


153 Rainbow St, Sandgate QLD, 4017


0402 463 828

0403 262 069