Mushrooms and Spinach on Avocado Toast

Mushrooms are a vegetarian’s best friend – full of vitamins, minerals and fibre and low in calories, fat-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free and very low in sodium.  Silverbeet (or chard as it’s sometimes called) is full of flavour and is also packed with magnesium, calcium, vitamin K, iron, potassium and vitamin A. Combine all this with the goodness packed into avocados and this is a breakfast – or lunch, or light dinner –  of champions!

1 large mushroom
1 stalk of silverbeet per person
1 slice of bread per person
1⁄4 avocado per person
coconut oil for frying
1⁄2 clove of garlic per person
nutmeg – freshly grated
fresh thyme – 1 sprig per person
1⁄2 cup of water
salt and freshly ground white pepper lemon wedges


  • Chop the mushrooms fairly finely.
  • Cut the white stalk from each silverbeet leaf and finely shred.
  • Crush the garlic.
  • Place the coconut oil and garlic into a cold pan and slowly bring to heat stirring to avoid burning the garlic.
  • Add the mushrooms and grate a generous amount of the nutmeg over.
  • Fry over a medium heat until the mushrooms start to take up the oil.
  • Add the shredded silverbeet, thyme, salt and pepper and the water.
  • Cook, stirring occasionally for a minute or so until the silverbeet is wilted.
  • Cover the pan – but keep checking, as you may need to add a little extra water Toast the bread and spread with avocado.
  • When the mushroom and silverbeet is well cooked remove the thyme stalk, taste for seasoning and serve over the toast with a lemon wedge.