Easy Christmas Cake

1 can condensed milk
1 ¼ cups water
200g butter
1 ½ cups sultanas
1 ¾ cups currants
¼ cup chopped glazed cherries
¾ cup mixed peel
2 ½ cups plain flour (can be substituted with gluten free flour)
¾ tsp baking soda
¼ tsp salt
Almonds (can be blanched as pictured)


Heat together condensed milk, water, butter, sultanas, currants, cherries & peel.  Boil for 3 mins, then cool.
Sift in flour soda & salt.
Mix into fruit mixture thoroughly.
Put into a paper lined, greased, 22 cm round tin and arrange almonds on top.
Bake at 160C for about 2 hours.
To Blanch Almonds – In a small pot or saucepan, pour boiling water over almonds, leave them for 60 seconds.  Drain, then rinse in cold water to quickly cool.  Squeeze each almond to remove skin