Chant for Peace Events have been established by ‘Pralad & The Chants’ kirtan band to bring the power and magic of kirtan to all. They hold these events from Ballina to the Sunshine Coast and interstate. For World Peace day they are collaborating with The Mantra Room Brisbane for a free kirtan fiesta  that will benefit not only the participants but will help bring peace to the whole planet..

Pralad das  (Eddie Hansen), is a legendary artist of the chant realm. He is an amazingly talented musician and a master of melodic kirtans that will touch you the soul. Together with his equally talented band ‘The Chants’, consisting of Gaurunga das and Nari they will touch your heart and rock your world.

Pralad das, the lead singer and guitar player in the Chants is a world-renowned musician, composer and recording artist,. He was twice voted as Australasia’s best and most innovative guitar player. He has spent considerable time overseas recording and performing as an artist and session musician. He is well known for playing in the high-energy rock bands, Ticket, Spyz and Living Force.

Glen Absolum (Gauranga das) is undoubtedly one of the most experienced rock drummers in Australasia, twice being voted the best rock drummer there. He has played in renowned bands such as Underdogs, Space Farm, Australian Le Frame band, Ticket, Spyz and Living Force. He has toured constantly for many years in New Zealand and Australia and played drums on numerous albums.

Bass player Naz, with his driving bass lines and rhythm is a rock solid foundation for the band. He is a keen yoga enthusiast, and loves playing Kirtan music. He also plays guitar and other instruments in his spare time and works in his home studio. Naz – “I’m living my dream playing in a band with the guys I was inspired by and always looked up to since I was a kid”

Pralad and the Chants play every Saturday night at Kirtan@Cooly, 124 Marine Pde, Coolangatta and twice a month at The Mantra Room, 236 Montague Rd, West End.