Our Yoga Asana Classes

Come and experience a friendly, relaxed and authentic yoga class. Loosen your joints, increase flexibility, stretch, strengthen and tone tight muscles with yoga asanas. Our classes also include guided relaxation and kirtan meditation for inner peace and tranquillity.

All classes are varied and the yoga poses can be adapted to be more challenging or gentle as required. In this way each person can benefit from a level of yoga asanas to suit their capabilities. With all of our classes, to gain the most benefit movement is co-ordinated with the breath to smoothly flow from one pose to another. 

Yoga is not about competing or comparing oneself with others; it is to increase your own physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Personal, friendly classes. Everyone welcome. Please bring your own mat.

Amenities include:

  • Change Room
  • Bike Rail for up to 4 Bikes


Special Introductory Yoga Offer

If you haven’t experienced a yoga asana class at our yoga and meditation studio before why not take us up on one of our special introductory offers below. Please mention the offer when you come to our studio for your first class as the two introductory deals are purchased at our studio.

2-weeks unlimited


5 Class Pass


(valid for 2 months)

Yoga Asana Class Prices

Casual Class


Concession Student Casual Class


(must be full time student)

5 Class Pass

(valid for 2 months)

Unlimited Monthly Pass


Important note: You can come to any classes without pre-booking online, but we ask and encourage you, where possible, to sign up to Kriya to help facilitate a contactless environment and to enable you to pre-book a class. For a step by step guide on signing up click here.

Meet our Teachers

With nearly 40 years’ experience in meditation and yoga I am the senior teacher at ASMY in Adelaide. My yoga and meditation journey began after searching for a more meaningful life. I found purpose, happiness and greater wellbeing in meditation, spiritual cultivation and yoga asanas, and my life’s passion is to share my love of these practices with everyone.


New to Yoga Asana Classes?

  1. Yoga asanas are done barefoot.
  2. Shoe shelves are provided by both entrances to store your shoes and bags.
  3. Come 5 – 10 minutes early to allow you time to sign in and get ready for the class.
  4. Wear comfortable modest clothing that allows you to move freely.
  5. Please bring your own yoga mat.
  6. Mats available for purchase.
  7. Beginners welcome.
  8. No bookings required but bookings are encouraged.
  9. Enjoy a great all over body stretch and feel relaxed and great afterwards!