Stretch & Relax

Steady, comfortable practice to safely increase stability, mobility and range of movement plus deep relaxation and meditation to release stress and tension. It is a great way to ease into yoga if you are just starting out, haven't been for a while, would like to improve your alignment or you want to attend a more gentle, relaxed asana class.

Grounding Hatha

A moderately paced, deeply focused asana practice to build alignment, strength and flexibility and create the foundations for a safe, lifelong practice. A great place to start your yoga journey!

Nourishing Yin

Surrender into stillness with long, supportive holds, deeply restorative releases, breath work and relaxation. Perfect for releasing deeply imbedded stress from the hips, hamstrings, shoulders and spine.

Flow & Sadhana

Creative yoga flows meet soothing sacred meditations for an inspiring, spiritually centred practice. This is the perfect way to start your day - uplifting yoga movement and an extended meditation session to soothe the mind & soul.

Energy & Strength

Dynamic, challenging and transformative: sweat your way through a powerful, energising practice to build stamina, strength and vitality.

* Strong class (requires an active, healthy body)

Vinyasa Flow

Balance body and breath with flowing sequences and nourishing breath work to create a fantastic yoga afterglow.

Community Class

Learn from the teachers of the future! Run by supervised trainee teachers. Suggested donation $5