Think meditation is boring? Clearly, you haven’t tried Kirtan

Like your meditation with less silence and more energy? It’s probably time to check out Kirtan.

Kirtan is a time honoured meditation practice that fuses sacred sounds with music and sends you to a transcendental realm far beyond this material world. It’s soulful. It’s lively, and it’s anything but boring. What’s more, it happens every week at the Mantra Room in Brisbane’s West End.

It’s Meditation but not as you know it

Not used to having music as part of your meditation? Kirtan is a participatory and approachable form of meditation. It uses dynamic and sacred world music that incorporates the voices of the audience right into the meditative experience.

As an ancient yogic practice, Kirtan was traditionally accompanied with Indian instruments. However, in the hands and voices of contemporary practitioners, Kirtan has been beautifully transported to all cultural and musical styles without losing its genuine spiritual authenticity.

There’s music, melody and mantra

For Kirtan practitioner Gayatri Phillips, Kirtan offers a way of reawakening the spiritual love that we all hold within our hearts.

“Everyone is looking for something real, lasting and fully satisfying in their life. That ‘something’ is about reconnecting to our spiritual source, to experience spiritual love. From this place of peace, love, joy and harmony, Kirtan lets the rest of your life unfold. By weaving together melody, music and mantra, Kirtan is simultaneously a meditative, exhilarating and fun activity” she said.

And a great big festival

Kirtan meditation at the Mantra Room is regularly accessible to anyone who would like to be involved. However, one of the best opportunities to find out more about Kirtan is at the free ‘Chant for Peace’ Kirtan Festival which will be held in Brisbane on September 18 this year.

Gayatri Phillips says that the festival has been deliberately timed to tie in with World Peace Day. “Kirtan is such a beautiful and uplifting experience that it makes sense to connect it with World Peace Day. This year’s event will be at the Princess Theatre, 8 Annerley Rd, Woolloongabba. Most will be rocking up between 3pm – 7.30pm and we’ll have lots of great vegetarian/vegan food to try” she said.

Time to get amongst it

If you are interested in taking part in the Kirtan Festival, head over to and check out the great line up of performers and events for this year’s festival. It’s right in the heart of Brisbane, so the chances are the sun will be shining and music will be playing.

Who knows? Kirtan just might be the meditative experience you’ve been searching for!