Silent Witness Meditation


The timeless Mantra Aham Brahmasmi means, I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am the eternal spirit soul, spark of the Supreme Soul.  I am only temporarily in a material body, the body is temporary, but I am eternal.  Silent witness meditation, helps us to come to the realisation that we are not the mind.

Bring your hands to chin mudra (palms up with your thumb and forefinger touching). Become aware of how your body is breathing automatically. Simply observe it in a detached way. Say to yourself, ‘I am watching my body breathe, I am not the body.’ Now watch your mind and become aware of how you are aloof from the thinking process. Experience how you can watch the mind, as a silent witness, as an observer simply watching the passing parade of thoughts and emotions. Different fears, anxieties and images rise to the surface of the mind, then pass away. We are the observer of those thoughts and images. We are aloof and detached from the mind. Repeat the following meditation silently in your mind.

I am the silent witness, I make no effort to think but thoughts come
automatically, I am watching the thoughts flow through my mind but I
am aloof from them. I am the silent witness of my mind’s activities.

Imagine yourself sitting on the bank of a stream, simply watching the stream flow before your eyes. Similarly watch the stream of thoughts flow through the mind. Experience that you are the viewer of it, you are not the stream itself. Don’t go with the stream, detach yourself, become undisturbed by the different thoughts and feelings passing through the mind. Through this meditation you can experience that you are not the material mind or the thoughts and desires that are there in the mind. You are the self, different from the mind. You can silently say to yourself:

Aham Brahmasmi
I am spirit, not matter
I am not the body, I am not the mind
I am the eternal spirit soul
I am only temporarily in a material body
The body is temporary, I am eternal
Aham Brahmasmi