Japa Meditation

Mantra – Haribol Nitai Gaur Nitai Gaur Haribol

This meditation can be practiced sitting in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. It is also nice to walk along the beach or in a park practicing this meditation.

You will need a set of japa beads. These are available from our Yoga Products page, at the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga programs or you can use your own.

Take your set of beads and start with the first bead on the side of the head bead and hold it between the thumb and second finger of your right hand. As you hold this bead softly say the mantra and then move your fingers onto the next bead and repeat the mantra again. Continue chanting the mantra on each bead until you come back to the head bead. You have just completed one round of japa.

As you softly repeat each mantra try to keep your mind focused on the sound and gradually you will experience control of your mind, as well as a welcoming sense of internal peacefulness.

We recommend that you allocate a number of rounds to complete each day. Each round will take approximately four to five minutes to complete. Two to three rounds is recommended to begin with and then steadily increase to six or more.