Surviving Lock Down or Quarantine…

With another round of lock downs around the country (first time for some!), you have had to once again make quick changes to your life. Perhaps you had holiday plans or were looking forward to school holidays with the kids. You might be adjusting to working from home or not have any work to do at all. Some of you might be really enjoying this down time and others will be really struggling.


No matter what your personal situation is, taking out a small part of your day to engage in yoga and/or meditation will be so helpful. Our time is so precious and there is no better way to use our time than to develop some healthy habits and routines. Then hopefully this can carry over into our lives when things go back to ‘normal’.


I’d like to share with you some free online classes that you can do at anytime. There are some shorter and longer practices that you can do, depending on how much time you have. Even doing a small amount each day will have massive flow on affects to other parts of your day. It can be nice to do this first thing in the morning or in the evening. Whatever time you choose, try do at least a small amount each day. There’s even some sessions you can do with your kids. You can do it!

Check out these yoga classes:

15 minute Yoga Asana

30 minute Yoga Asana

60 minute Yoga Asana


Plus these awesome meditations:

Guided Pranayama/Breathwork – perfect way to prepare for meditation

Guided Morning Meditations under 20 minutes

Mantra Room Live – kirtan you can participate in or have playing in the background


There’s a saying that we need to be ”all-weather” practitioners. Some people only engage in yoga and meditation when they are feeling good and life is going well. Others will only do it if everything is not going well. We will really experience the benefits of yoga and meditation when it is sunny and when it is cloudy.  When things are going well, practice! When things aren’t going well, practice! Being ”all-weather” means that we will practice regardless of the external weather and know that it will benefit us immensely in the short and long term.


Now’s the time to start or restart! Your life will feel more peaceful and relaxed for it.