Sprouts – The Fast Food Garden


The possibilities for growing sprouts seem endless, just about anything that is an unprocessed seed will sprout. Some of my favourites are chickpeas, lentils, sunflower seeds, almonds and mung beans. When we consume plants at this stage of their life cycle we’re often getting the greatest concentration of nutritional value and over-all health benefits including but not limited to anti-aging, anti-inflammation, alkalization, anti-oxidation, increased amount of and bio-availability of vitamins and minerals (up to 500 times greater than unsprouted cooked seeds). Yippee  so if you are not already familiar with this no effort gardening here’s how…….

There are two alternatives: jars with muslin secured on top or a colander lined with muslin. (muslins best but chux works well)

Take your seeds/beans/legumes etc and soak them over night.

Next morning tip off the water, rinse the seeds and if in a colander leave them to drain or if in jars turn to a 45 degree angle to drain and aerate. Either way keep washing and draining them 3 times a day and they will start shooting. They are sprouted ready to eat when they start shooting but you can leave them longer and they will grow leaves, if you leave them to this stage you can put them in the sunlight and get some chlorophyll.

You can cook your sprouts or use them in salads or dips, scroll down for some yummy chick pea dip recipes.

Happy gardening