After years of wandering around interstate and overseas, I am happily settled and married living in Brisbane. The many ups and downs of life have brought me to the practices of both meditation and yoga.

I’ve always had a strong interest in health and sport, triggered at an early age, waiting around at my mum’s work in an oncology unit at the local hospital. As a junior I played many sports and represented my state in AFL football. After a serious injury and surgery I decided to give it away and turned my desire to triathlon. Competing and training took up all my time and after winning a state championship became burnt out and again injured.

Suffering from sciatica and lower back pain due to excessive training l turned my time to hatha yoga and was amazed at how imbalanced l had become. Setting small goals I was impressed at how hatha yoga brought me back into condition and solved the injuries that l had been carrying around.

A few months earlier l had started to practice meditation seriously on a daily basis and continue to do so today. Two years ago l started to give meditation classes at ASMY and this year started doing some classes at a local State High school.

My first stint at helping to teach hatha yoga came when I was living overseas, on a volunteer basis as part of a community outreach program 8 years ago. Despite being very green, I learned a lot about yoga and helping others.

I have since gained qualifications as a hatha yoga teacher and teach at ASMY in Brisbane. I like to keep each class different and try to dovetail it to the people who attend. My work as an acupuncturist and massage therapist has complemented my yoga and meditation teaching.