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Margaret Doyle -- Yoga Teacher


Born in a small New Zealand town in 1949, Margaret is now a senior teacher at the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga Centre. She brings an alternative lifestyle, a kindred spirit, and a desire to balance effort with ease on and off the yoga mat. Practicing hatha yoga for over 30 years and teaching numerous students, Margaret has combined her passion for creativity and inner peace through helping others. Margaret helps students connect with their bodies in a graceful and accepting manner, emphasizing alignment, form, breath and restoration. Her teachings are inspired by spending the early morning hours as the sun rises in quiet meditation.

Margaret and her husband of 32 years raised and home schooled six children and currently live on the Gold Coast, sharing a healthy positive outlook on life and many pleasant hours with their seven grandchildren.

“Yoga and meditation first touched my life in my early 20’s. I attended retreats at a yoga ashram in New Zealand and got hooked on yoga. Interested in finding a way to balance my life on a physical, mental and spiritual level, I traveled to Fiji. For three months I shared a simple life with an Indian family whose generosity touched my heart. In a cool bamboo hut, away from the hot sun on a cow dung smooth floor I would practice hatha yoga daily and in the evening the family would take me to satsang at neighbouring houses. I became inspired to bring this wonderful way of life back home and share it with others. At first I trained to become a meditation teacher and then started training to teach hatha yoga. My dream of assisting in a yoga ashram was realized after my children had grown up when in 2000 I started teaching at the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga Centre in Mermaid Beach. Now as the wheel of life is turning I am training fresh faced eager young people so they too can share the wonderful benefits of yoga with others.”