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Hi! My name is Beth.

I have been a primary school teacher since graduating in 1982. In an often stressful profession, I use yoga and meditation techniques to help me keep calm and focused. I don’t get as stressed as so many of my colleagues often do. Many teachers these days are requiring stress leave from this demanding occupation. As yet I have not had to take any stress leave. Since I have started practising and applying the Yogic philosophy and meditation techniques on a regular basis, I find I am more tolerant and patient, not only with the children in my charge, but also in my daily dealings with colleagues at work.

I also use some of the breathing and relaxation techniques with my class when they need it! Parents congratulate me on giving their children tools that they can use to calm themselves and centre their concentration in school and other social situations. More and more educational institutions and work places are embracing the wisdom of incorporating some form of meditation in their programs.

I have always been very health conscious and aimed to keep my body in good condition. Yoga has helped me to find balance not only with the body, but the mind and spirit as well. For many years I have been on a spiritual journey, reading books and attending seminars looking for answers. The yoga philosophy has given me the opportunity to have my questions answered. I feel more contented with my life.

My husband and friends have seen the positive changes in my life and often attend a variety of the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga’s programs with me. We all enjoy the results of the vegetarian cooking classes, and feel healthier eating a plant-based diet. My family and friends have been surprised at how delicious and varied vegetarian food can be! We are all learning together how to apply some of the strategies and advice taught in the yoga tradition.

I am a busy person, doing the things that most women like me do – mother, wife, daughter, teacher, friend, workout partner, aunty – the list goes on. I have found that I can now add “yogi” to that list but that it is not an extra burden of duty like so many of the other roles in my life. In fact, this role helps me to cope with all the busy-ness of the others. I don’t have to change anything, I just add it to my life!