Ayurveda For Happy, Healthy Winter!

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Are you the type of person that struggles with Winter?
What is it about Winter that makes us groan and grumble?

Sometimes, the internal resistance we experience to the cooler months can be the simple result of not knowing how to embrace it. So how can we use the teaching of Ayurveda to help us have a happy, healthy Winter?

Try these four simple tips to help you shed the Winter blues and thrive all the way through to Spring.

4 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Winter:

1. Take time to restore.
When Winter hits, deciduous plants lose this leaves, bears head into hibernation… and what do first world people tend to do? We do the same thing we always do – we continue to work, we continue to exercise, to socialise, to do all the things we’d do in the Spring and Summer.
But if we are ‘going, going, going’ all year round, when do we have time to rest and restore?
…Winter is the perfect time to get to bed early, take down time on the weekend, and make time to do things like cosy up with your favourite herbal tea and a book.

2. Eat warm, light foods. To counteract the heavy, cool qualities of Winter, try to consume foods that are warm, light and nourishing. Roast vegetables, soups, dals, kichadi; generally anything that is cooked, delicious and makes you feel warm on the inside! Simple, easy to digest foods will help keep your digestive fire burning strong all Winter so you don’t feel weighed down or bloated.

3. Exercise daily. Practice warming yoga exercises to help pump your lymphatic system. Make sure it’s a vigorous asana practice to help detoxify your tissues and bring a sense of vitality to your mind and body.

4. Stay inspired. Don’t let the temperature get you down! Anytime you’re feeling a little flat, look for inspiration from your world within. Practice mantra meditation daily, and use your practice as a source of joy and upliftment to keep you happy all Winter long!


By Samantha Doyle
Sami is an Ayurvedic Nutritionist, Wellness Coach and Yoga teacher from the Gold Coast who loves to share the simple yet powerful teachings of Ayurveda to help people live a healthy, productive life.