You’re invited to this comfortable and cozy space for yoga & meditation classes that will carry you far away from the chaos and stress of this world and transport you to a place of peace and bliss!

easy yoga class

Easy Hatha Yoga Class

Hatha yoga increases flexibility, strengthens and tones muscles, balances hormones, cleanses and flushes all the internal systems of the body. It also calms the mind and reduces stress.

Classes are suitable for all levels with a strong focus on working within your body’s limitation. We use breath and awareness as guide to go deeper in your asanas. Hence, your body is safe and experiences the benefits of Hatha yoga.

Every Tuesday 6:00 - 7:00 pm

Adults - $12 per class, $60 for 6 classes
Concession - $10 per class, $50 for 6 classes

Stafford meditation

Mantra Meditation Journey

By the simple process of mantra meditation, our mind and heart are gradually purified of all kinds of stress, worry, hankering, envy, anger, anxiety, and deep-seated fears. We begin to experience an ever-deepening inner peace and happiness and increasing insights into life.

Be a part of an immersive and interactive mantra meditation journey and join many other like minded people sharing this ancient yet effective meditation practice. Interweaving music, mantras, breath, and yoga wisdom to deepen your meditation, this Mantra Meditation evening is both soothing yet uplifting. You will be sure to leave feeling lighter, calmer and truly nourished within.

The evening is fully guided and includes breathing, mindfulness & mantra/kirtan meditation.

Everything is provided, so just bring your enthusiasm and participation! Some refreshments provided at the end of the program.

Every Tuesday 7:15 - 8:30 pm

No need to book. By donation.


Deep Peace Meditation™ & Sound Bath

End your working week with this Deep Peace Meditation Journey featuring a Yoga Nidra Sound Bath using a collection of Tibetan singing bowls and chimes. A complete well-being experience to help you decompress from the week - assisting you to release stress, mental tension and emotional stagnation.

Self-care is something we far too often overlook, but is something we all desperately need and should be making a priority in our busy lives. Looking after our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is what refreshes, rejuvenates and energises us so that we can move forward with our lives in a more balanced, harmonious way.

What to expect
Mindfulness, mantra breathing, fully guided full body relaxation (yoga nidra - equivalent to 4 hours of sleep), Tibetan singing bowls & mantra meditation.

What to bring
Bring yoga mat, blankets, cushions, eye pillows and whatever to make you comfortable lying down.

2nd Friday of the Month 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Booking Essential. Check our FB page for latest updates.




Chantelle is a fun and nurturing teacher who finds the balance between challenging her students and doing the core poses well. You can expect Chantelle’s classes to have a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Every class is unique with a real emphasis on students needs and their areas of tension.



Amit is a calm friendly teacher who focuses on yoga alignment and breath. He holds the poses for longer duration and likes to tell the benefits of each pose in his class. You will find his classes helpful to increase focus, alignment, awareness and to feel relaxed at the end.


We teach at The Community Place in Stafford.

This spacious hall is very well-maintained and can easily accommodate more 40 people to do Hatha Yoga comfortably. The hall is situated in quite street with plenty of parking space and is nestled against the popular Keong Park at Stafford. A very tranquil environment conducive for yoga asanas, relaxation and meditation.