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Yoga & The Art of Dying

Sun 5th August, 2018 | 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Did you know that 75% of us have not had end of life discussions, and that 60% think we don’t talk about death enough?
We talk about so many things – jobs, sports events, family happenings, holiday plans – but there’s one topic almost everybody avoids: death. The vast majority of us go through life behaving as if it will never happen. When the time comes, we are caught unprepared.
Would you like to live a joyful, purposeful life and face death fearlessly? Take this chance to explore the yogic perspective of death. Be inspired by powerful stories of ordinary people’s extraordinary passing. Take practical steps towards creating a conscious death plan for yourself and learn how to support loved ones on the ultimate journey. Bring your questions! Our panel have a wealth of wisdom and real life experience to share.
This fascinating and valuable seminar will explore how the yoga tradition understands and deals with the subject of death. The wisdom of the yoga texts will serve as a resource to provide insight into how we can best prepare for a fearless and peaceful departure.
= Meet The Panel =
Radha Krishna Das has studied and taught yoga philosophy for 40 years and has immersed himself in the yogic perspective on life and death. He has been present and assisted at the successful passing of yogis, friends and family members.
You can see more of Radha Krishna das’ insightful talks here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYEEWdSiKnCuu_8gQqrlQnw
Caitanya Das has been living with advanced cancer for 15 years. Through meditation and yoga wisdom, he has overcome his fear of death and learned to live life more joyfully.
See Caitanya das’ inspiring video “Death – Have No Fear”: https://youtu.be/V_SokIT6URc
Maladhar Dasi has intimate knowledge of the dying process and can expertly assist people in knowing what to expect, how to create a plan for a conscious death and how family members can support a loved one who is dying. Maladhar Dasi has assisted many people to die like yogis and has created a sanctuary where people can come to die in a peaceful, conscious way.
Inner peace
Sunday 5 August 5:00pm – 7:30pm
The Mantra Room | Fradgley Hall, Burleigh Heads
Free Event | $5 Veg meal available