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Mantra Meditation – The Path to Self-Realisation


The Mantra Room West End
Beattie Street
West End, QLD 4101 Australia
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07 3844 8441

A Yoga philosophy & Meditation workshop to help us live a harmonious, purposeful & happier life.

From the yoga point of view, in order to achieve the highest happiness of wisdom and spiritual love, we need to know our true identity. This means that we must be able to answer the questions, “Who am I? What is the purpose of life?

Through yoga wisdom, we can come to understand why sensual pleasures, material acquisitions and worldly achievements, name, fame etc. while not inherently bad or evil, are not enough to truly satisfy us. By coming to realize our true essence, we can realize deep and lasting happiness, true satisfaction, and deep purpose in life.
Mantra meditation is an integral part of the science of identity and is meant to clear the mind of all misconceptions about our true identity. The mind needs to be cleansed or purified by a power strong enough to do that cleansing. After all, by ourselves we do not have the power to remove ignorance or to climb into the Spiritual World. But by the practice of mantra meditation, the mind can be purified.

“Mantra” means transcendental sound vibration, sound which transcends the material world. It does not originate in the material world; it originates in the Spiritual World and descends to the material platform without losing any spiritual potency.

This Saturday the 9th May from 3-4pm we explore the profound teachings of yoga wisdom and how we can achieve the sweet fruit of self-realization and live a life infused with deep meaning and purpose.