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Mantra Meditation Experience – Mango Hill


Sat 31st Aug
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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Mango Hill Village Community Centre
Chermside Road
Mango Hill, QLD 4509 Australia
Lighten up your Heart. Experience Inner Peace and Happiness. Learn Simple Practices from Yoga System. Vegan Meal. Mantra Meditation.

Be a part of our Community Mantra Meditation experience as we bring a heart warming evening of Mantra Meditation, Mindfulness & Vegan Meal to Mango HIll & Surrounds!

By the simple process of mantra meditation, our mind and heart are gradually purified of all kinds of stress, worry, misconceptions, anger, anxiety and deep-seated fears etc. We begin to experience an ever-deepening inner peace and happiness and increasing insights into life. It nourishes our deepest needs for inner peace, happiness, freedom from fear & spiritual love.

Learn simple spiritual practices coming from ancient Yoga system to add to your life to bring about inner transformation and peacefulness.

Its a perfect opportunity to rest your tired mind and heart from a busy week and find spiritual beauty, warmth & comfort in mantra meditation.

The evening is fully guided and includes breathwork, mindfulness, mantra/kirtan meditation and a nourishing Veg/Vegan meal.

This is our 9th travelling Meditation evening for 2024 and the 2nd one at Mango Hill! Please come and be a part of this beautiful evening as we move to different suburb every month sharing these wonderful meditation practices.

See you soon!


Amit, Chantelle & ASMY Northside Volunteers ♥



Andrew: I am so grateful to have experienced this. Thank you for bringing this to the suburbs. The energy and vibrations in the room was beautiful and something I hadn’t experienced before. I was sitting outside of my comfort zone, but so glad I did! I would live to attend again. Thank you 🙏

Jodie:It was such a beautiful night and a very spiritual experience. I appreciate all the volunteers that made this happen for our suburb. Thank you to you all. A special shout out to Veganyumm also as the brownies were divine and whoever made the curry, I totally need the recipe please. It was delicious 🤤 ❤️ My heart and soul were filled. 🙏