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ASMY Melbourne (Gokula House)
440 Smith St
Collingwood, Victoria 3066 (Entrance on Mater St)
03 9415 9651

Gokula House – Collingwood ~ June Learn Meditation Workshop

This in person class unleashes the potential of meditation to assist you to transform your life towards a more happy, peaceful life.

Can’t seem to “stop your mind” and wondering how to meditate properly?

Is your routine lacking oomph but yet you’re seeking transformation and change?

We hear you, and we have the perfect little workshop to help you address all this and more.

This practical, hands-on class will give you the tools you need to transform your life with meditation. You’ll be able to establish a firm foundation for adding this ancient practice to your life in a way that is sustainable for your unique situation.

What else comes with the workshop?

Complimentary subscription in 21 day email campaign which allows you get engaged with a meditation program for 3 weeks (research shows that it takes people 21 days to form a habit). We will also give you a set of Japamala for your personal meditation practice.

What does this workshop include?

This Mindfulness and Meditation workshop can assist you to transform your life towards a happier life despite all challenges. This practical, hands-on workshop teaches you effective, practical techniques such as the ones below, that can easily be added to your daily routine.

What you will learn: – Breath meditation – Silent Witness meditation – Japa meditation (using beads) – Kirtan meditation (meditation to music)

Who is this workshop suitable for?

This workshop is suitable for absolute beginners to advanced practitioners.