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Free Life Enhancement Workshop – Fate, Destiny, Karma and Reincarnation


Mon 9th Mar
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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Is there life after death? how does the law of karma shape my present and future experiences? Can I change my destiny?

The timeless wisdom of yoga describes clearly what we call reincarnation is simply the changing of bodies;

As the embodied soul continuously passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. The self-realized soul is not bewildered by such a change.
(Bhagavad-gita 2.13)

In this illuminating talk you will gain a clear understanding of the laws that govern how and why a person transmigrates from one body to another. And most importantly you will learn the path of spiritual progress by which a person can become free from karma and reincarnation and be resituated in their natural spiritual condition which is eternal, full of knowledge and blissful.

Includes meditation, mindfulness, breathing and kirtan.