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Deep Peace Retreat

Craving a restorative day of self-care? Come enjoy a day of tranquillity and soak up all the heart warming activities of a day of sublime peace.

A day of “me-time” where you can step back from all your different roles and responsibilities to deeply relax, reflect and rejuvenate. Perfect way to nourish your mental, emotional & physical wellbeing.

According to research, Self-care enables you to be your most productive, energetic, and all-around happiest self — which in turn helps you to be more present for others. In fact “Me-time” is a non-negotiable!

What to expect:

~ Guided pranayam breathing

~ Restorative Yoga Asana Session

~ Meditation & Deep Relaxation

~ Delicious Plant based Lunch and Afternoon Tea

~ Head and Shoulder Massage (we pair up to give and receive)

~ Take-home Meditation Pack

If you have not yet experienced a Deep Peace Retreat you will be surprised at how a day of soothing nourishment can be so uplifting and at the same time so wonderfully relaxing!

When your heart is warm and open, when you are feeling relaxed and serene all your friends and family, all the people you care about, in fact everyone around you, will benefit. So do them all a favour and give yourself the gift of a day with some like-minded people who know how to appreciate the finer things in life!

Expertly guided through breathing and a restorative yoga session with Helen, warmed by the embrace of meditation, deep relaxation and beautiful kirtan (heartfelt singing of mantras) with Gayatri, wowed by a delicious plant based lunch and afternoon by the amazing Mantra Room chef Sarala and led through a soothing head and shoulder massage with Jesse, your day will be one that dreams are made of.

Limited Tickets available.