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Bali Kirtan Immersion Retreat 2019


Villa Boreh, Tejakula

(3 ½ hours North-East of Denpasar)

Sunday May 5th - Saturday May 11th


Get away from the hustle & bustle of life and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Bali

Known for its spiritual connection, warm & friendly culture, beautiful pristine beaches and dramatic landscapes. This is your time to leave all the stress of daily life behind and simply immerse yourself in the peace, joy and spiritual inspiration of kirtan.

Experience 6 nights, 7 days of beautiful sacred chanting, inspiring philosophy talks, sunrise meditations, yoga asana sessions, deep relaxation, Balinese cultural experiences and of course, delicious vegan meals!

Kirtan Meditation

The heart and soul of the yoga system and the focus of our retreat, Kirtan is simultaneously meditative, exhilarating and fun. It nourishes the soul's deepest needs and removes all dear and anxieties from the heart. Kirtan is the singing of Vedic Mantras which are songs, prayers and the Holy Names of the Supreme Soul. This is your opportunity to deepen your relationship with the Supreme and find true inner peace and satisfaction.

Yoga Wisdom

Listen to inspiring and insightful talks by Radha Krishna das on the timeless spiritual wisdom of the yoga texts. Reconnect with who you are, gain knowledge as to why you are here, how to redevelop your relationship with the Supreme Soul and discover your true purpose in life. Be inspired to transform your life and experience wisdom that touches you deep within. Enjoy captivating Vedic stories that will inspire and leave you wanting more!

Experience Bali

Delve into the serenity, beauty and unique culture of Bali! Enjoy stunning kayak adventures and scenic, hidden waterfall hikes. Rejuvenate the body & mind with Balinese massage, spa treatments, deep peace relaxation and daily hatha yoga flows. Experience kirtan in one of Bali's most ancient, deeply spiritual temples. Share the gifts of meditation and Vedic stories with beautiful children at the local orphanage.  Set far, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is the perfect location to unwind, tune in, and gain insights on the path of self-discovery.

Nourishing Food

Enjoy traditional Balinese cuisine along with delicious, wholesome plant-based versions of your favourite dishes. From exotic tropical fruit platters and vibrant fresh juices to nourishing Buddha bowls under the sunset, these flavour packed meals will keep you energized during this unforgettable getaway. Plus - the opportunity to learn delicious Balinese recipes that you can take home with you and share with your loved ones.


Situated away from the tourist areas, Villa Boreh was chosen to give you the true Balinese experience. This architecturally designed retreat was built with pure relaxation in mind, right on the ocean. You will feel a world away, allowing you to experience the peace and quiet Bali has to offer. The villas are contain oversized beds, beautifully decorated interiors and are completely surrounded by lush tropical gardens.




Discover the breathtaking natural wonders of Bali! Watch dolphins and turtles as you kayak off the coast. Wander amongst grand waterfalls and endless rainforests. Treat your body and mind to rejuvenating Balinese massage treatments. Offer respects to the dieties and immerse yourself in kirtan as you explore ancient temples, and give back to the community on our favourite excursion - soaring kirtan at a local orphanage. There are endless ways to recharge on this tropical getaway!


Radha Krishna das

Radha Krishna das first discovered yoga and meditation over 36 years ago seeking a path to inner peacefulness. Since 1985, he has been dedicated to sharing the science and philosophy of yoga with others. Radha Krishna das' lectures and workshops share a wealth of knowledge and experience with a genuine warmth and empathy, liberally sprinkled with a generous helping of down-to-earth humour.

Madya Lila dasi

Madya Lila dasi is a popular yoga and meditation teacher who has led classes and kirtans internationally. Raised in a family of yogis, yoga has been a part of Madya Lila's life from birth. She enjoys sharing her lifelong love of kirtan, meditation, asanas and the deeper spiritual practices the yoga tradition has to offer.


Ben has been practicing yoga and meditation for 10 years and it has completely transformed his life. It is his deepest desire for everyone to experience the benefits of the yoga system and make it accessible. He also has a keen interest in Vedic philosophy and gives talks regulraly in Darwin.


Kalindi loves to share her passion for hatha yoga and meditation with others. She has been teaching yoga and meditation for the last 6 years and is always inspired by seeing others benefit from these beautiful practices. Yoga has brought a deep meaning and purpose to her life and she encourages others to find the same.



Cost: From $1,100 which includes accommodation, delicious meals, transfer to/from venue, daily programs and complimentary excursions

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