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Ayurveda for Yoga


Sat 2nd Jul
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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Australian School of Meditation and Yoga, West End
320 Montague Road
West End, QLD 4101 Australia
Develop and harness the power of understanding the Doshas for developing your yoga practice.

About this event

Usually when we discover Ayurveda, we want to jump straight into finding out our Dosha and learning all about our unique constitution. However, if we don’t take the time to learn about the individual elements that make up the Dosha’s, it’s hard to truly grasp the fundamental theory of Vata – Pitta – Kapha.

I like to think of understanding the elements as preliminary training for developing our awareness. Practices such as meditation and living a mode of goodness lifestyle organically elevate our consciousness so that we become naturally more sensitive and aware of our inner and outer world. In complement to this, it can be helpful to refine our awareness by learning to see and become mindful of the qualities that exist in and around us.

Mindfulness can help us develop our awareness of Nature; its variety of attributes; our thoughts and emotions; and also help us to increase the length of time before we respond or act. Not only that, the simple act of slowing down and observing can help us to cultivate an awareness of the perceiver. That is, “Who is observing? Who is watching these thoughts; feeling these emotions; experiencing this moment?” This recognition is the most important outcome of practicing mindfulness – realising that ‘I am the perceiver. I am the person, separate from the body, mind and thoughts.’ This is where self-awareness begins, and the magic of yoga begins to unfold.

Join me on Saturday as we take a yoga journey through the elements, Dosha’s, and meditation to develop Mindfulness and Self-awareness.

This workshop is for you if you want to:

– Confidently navigate your way through life with a joyful, mindful approach.

– Become more self-aware and tap into your innate intuition

– Deepen your understanding of the doshas

– Add depth to your yoga practice and develop your morning routine

– Develop observation and assessment techniques to guide a safe, balanced practice whether it’s for yourself, or if you’re a Yoga Teacher, as a tool to use with your students.

Also Included:

– Includes 3 recorded dosha balancing classes for you to keep (one for Vata, Pitta, and Kapha)

– Comprehensive workshop notes (PDF)

– Delicious plant based afternoon tea and chai