Empower Yourself with Spiritual Knowledge

Spiritual Knowledge empowers you because it gives you the ability to make informed decisions. Life is a journey and every decision changes the road ahead. But what is that journey and why does it matter? We look to the ancient Yoga teachings to answer these questions.

Who Am I?

Knowing who we are and what our essence is will open up a whole new world of possibilities. This is the basis of the yoga tradition so that we can become truly happy. 

Where Does Happiness Come From?

We get so kept up in the external world and trying to find happiness in so many ways - new job, new partner, shopping, food etc. But maybe, happiness is a lot closer than we think it is!

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

What is life and why are we here? These questions and so many more can be answered through the teaching of the ancient yoga tradition. 

What Is My Purpose?

To know my purpose will completely transform my life and I will feel like I am really living, every single day. 

Our Yoga Wisdom Programs

We incorporate Yoga Wisdom into our Sunday night Kirtan program. We also have various workshops and events throughout the month.