Our Yoga Classes

All our yoga classes include asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and relaxation to help you to achieve greater balance in your life. You are invited to join any of our classes with no bookings required - just turn up.

Hatha Yoga Asana

The different systems of yoga have techniques and practices ranging from physical postures (asanas), to the deepest stages of meditation, all aimed toward helping a person achieve optimum physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Following ancient tradition, a yoga class at ASMY will include a wonderful balance of asanas (exercise), pranayama (breathing), meditation and kirtan.

Meet our Teachers

Ben came across yoga by being dragged to his first class and he has not looked back since! The self-discovery journey over the last 10 + years has been profoundly transforming and he discovered a strong sense of higher purpose and happiness. Dedicating the rest of his life in the service of others, he loves to share yoga wisdom and meditation to help others in their own lives.


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