3 Ways To Get Your Glow Back For Spring

Winter is well and truly over, however we may still be experiencing symptoms of our winter body – feeling sluggish, extra padding, and perhaps a little heavy in the head. How can we help our body in transitioning from the heavier qualities of winter to the light and energetic qualities of Spring?

Here are 3 ways to help you get your glow back:

  1. Spices to improve digestion and metabolism

Did you know that herbs and spices have a purpose beyond making food taste good? Each spice has it’s own unique digestive enhancing quality, and when used appropriately can assist in balancing digestion. Simple kitchen herbs that can help you shed those sluggish digestion feelings include:

– Black pepper: the simple addition of black pepper to your meals can help you to boost your metabolism while enhancing your digestion, helping food move through your system more efficiently. If you’re feeling like you need a digestive aid, head to the pantry and start cracking some fresh pepper over your meals.

– Ginger: Did you know that ginger is great for treating indigestion? Known for its ability to speed up elimination, ginger assists in helping food move through the digestive system in a timely fashion. This is said to relieve digestive pains associated with the stomach, such as indigestion and inflammation.

  1. Adapt your Diet

As the harvest changes with the seasons, naturally we need to change what we eat to maintain harmony within our body. When you think about it logically, eating pineapples and mangoes in the winter doesn’t seem right does it? In winter when foods are more scarce, and our bodies are geared for hibernation, easy-to-store, hearty foods like starches are a natural and suitable food source. However moving into Spring, with warmer weather and our activity levels picking up, it’s only natural that our bodies crave foods that are easy to digest and boost our energy – helping us to break out of the ‘hibernating-bear’ scenario that winter creates.

Due to the high availability of most foods all year round, it can be confusing to know which foods are in season. Have a look at a Seasonal Food Guide for assistance in knowing which foods are best for Spring. Making the shift to Spring foods will help you bounce into the season full of energy and leave behind those cooling Kapha feelings.

  1. Exercise

Exercise! It comes in many forms, and the common theme in all of forms of exercise is movement! Make sure you exercise on a daily basis – whether it’s yoga asanas or sports, do something that gets all your systems working. This will not only kick start your metabolism, but will boost your energy levels and flood your body with mood enhancing endorphins. Giving you that healthy, Springtime Glow!