3 Ayurvedic Tips for Staying Balanced During Autumn


The crisp air that Autumn brings is a welcomed change after the intense heat of an Australian Summer. The bustling leaves, and cool dry wind mark the indications of this characteristically Vata season.

What are the characteristics of Vata?  

A summary of the qualities of Vata include: cold, dry, light, subtle, flowing, mobile, sharp, hard, rough, clear. So what does this dry Vata season mean for our health? We need the qualities of Vata to help us stay motivated, to keep our creativity flowing, and to help us manage the multiple responsibilities that our lives call for. However, due to the influence of high Vata from our environment at this time of the year, Vata imbalances become quite common. If you start to notice Vata’s influence creating imbalances in your mind and body – such as dryness, irritability, distractedness, or flightiness – try these simple tips to assist in bringing your mind-body complex back into alignment.

1. Nutrition

Favour whole foods such as nourishing grains, soups, casseroles and baked vegetables. Sip on warm-hot beverages (non-caffeinated) throughout the day to stay hydrated and warm.

2. Routine

A daily routine will help you to stay rooted even when your mind may be feeling flighty. Morning self care practices, routine meal times and a daily meditation practice will help keep you grounded.

3. Exercise

A daily exercise routine is a great way to keep the body warm and grounded. Fluid exercises such as an asana practice or brisk walking are great ways to keep your Vata in check.