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Boost Your Immunity with Yoga

You always know winter’s here when people start getting sick! In fact my son and his family are wading their way through a stomach flu while my daughter …

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Ayurveda For Happy, Healthy Winter!

Are you the type of person that struggles with Winter? What is it about Winter that makes us groan and grumble? Sometimes, the internal resistance we experience to …

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Breathing Exercises

Kapalbhati Breathing

As the weather cools down for the winter months we can use this breath to help warm us up. It also keeps us alert and lifts our energy. …

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Celebrating All Things Yoga

Life is full of ups and downs. Let yoga be one of your ups! Yoga in all of its variety of practices including asana, pranayama, relaxation and meditation …

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Baked Tofu

In winter we love to eat warming baked food. So while you are baking your potatoes and pumpkins pop some tofu in the over too and you’ve got …

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5 Ways to Show Mum You Love Her

5 Ways to Show Mum You Love Her This Mothers Day! Being a mother myself, I like to think that I have some pretty good insights in to …

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According to the ancient yogic texts the earth is our mother. From the material elements our body is made and these material elements are provided by mother earth. …

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Shoulder Stand for Restoration

What is a great pose this month for Mums? Gosh every pose is wonderful! Mums need to be strong and flexible and relaxed. Everything that the whole gamut …

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Carob Brownie Mothers Day ASMY

Carob Brownies – a Tasty Treat for Mums

Mums want to be healthy and slim but love to indulge a little as well -I know I know, I am one a mum myself! It’s a juggling …

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A Personal Journey from a Yoga Mum

Raising Little Yogis – The Life & Times of a Yogi Mum I first discovered the yummy-ness of yoga asanas early in the 1970’s when I was pregnant …

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sore tired eyes

We Even Need Yoga for the Eyes

Sore and tired eyes from too much screen time? Needing to wear glasses to read now that you’ve been eyeing that screen on and off for the last …

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ASMY short sightedness exercises

Eye Exercises

Just like all the other muscles in our body the eye muscles respond very well to a little exercise each day especially if we strain them by spending …

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australian school of meditation and yoga green smoothie

Healthy Green Drink

Make this a regular morning wake up drink and you’ll be bouncing out of the kitchen and into your day with freshness and vitality. There are choices of …

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Mantra Breathing (Gauranga Breathing)

The breath is something we deal with, usually unconsciously, from the moment we pop out into this world grasping at the air with a fresh little set of …

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Phases of the Moon Sequence

While the influence of the sun is felt strongly in the change of seasons and in the passing of the daylight from dawn till dusk, the influence of …

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asmy vegetarian indian dessert mishti

Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi is a traditional Indian sweet that is such a treat to the taste buds that is hard to beat. It is often served on very special …

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Meditation on the Gold Coast

Grab your dose of kirtan on the Gold Coast – we have some amazing events planned for February! A Midsummer Nights Beach Kirtan Spend a relaxing evening of …

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ayurveda vata anxiety

Ayurvedic Tips for Reducing Anxiety

Unfortunately, anxiety has become a common experience amongst all age groups in today’s society. As our modern lifestyles become busier (and at times overwhelming) it’s important to have …

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Jam Drop Biscuits

Here’s my favourite biscuit recipe. It’s my favourite not only because they are yummy biscuits but also it’s so easy and adaptable. Sometimes I make them as a …

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Yoga Techniques for Anxiety

Find deep peace within with these simple yoga practices for Anxiety. Anxiety is all too common. So common in fact that it is showing up more and more …

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NEW CLASS! Monday Morning Flow (Gold Coast)

We are really excited to announce that we have a new class starting at Nobby Beach! Our kind and compassionate Carolyn will be offering an early 6am class …

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Summer Cooler

It’s so important for food to LOOK good as well as taste good. Maladhar, the hostess of the Deep Peace Retreats applied her artistry to this simple parfait …

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A Yoga Game For Children – Rock/Archway/Bridge

For this game you need 4 or more people and some space. The children get into either one or more groups of four and line up. The first …

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Sitali – Rolled Tongue Breathing

This breathing practice cools the body and calms the mind. It also induces our muscles to relax and is said to help reduce blood pressure and acid stomach.  …

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Cooling Asanas for the Hot Summer Months

Summer is a time of heat and humidity especially here in Queensland. Mostly people try to avoid it by either staying in air conditioning or swimming. The really …

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Health Goals for 2017

Welcome to the New Year everyone! It’s Sami here and I am so looking forward to another awesome year with you guys! Seeing as it’s the beginning of …

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Within Time, Beyond Time – The Journey of the Soul

  From the time of our birth we are chased by time. The saying “Time is money” has 2 meanings.The meaning of that phrase for someone who is …

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Does Money Buy Happiness?

  Question: I grew up in a relatively poor family and I always envied the movie stars I watched on TV and read about who got whatever they wanted, …

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Sprouts – The Fast Food Garden

  The possibilities for growing sprouts seem endless, just about anything that is an unprocessed seed will sprout. Some of my favourites are chickpeas, lentils, sunflower seeds, almonds …

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Amy’s Chick Pea Dip

  Raw sprouted chickpea dips are a much appreciated addition to our meals.  Here are two recipes I have called on countless times as a wholesome snack, entree, …

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Yoga Q & A’s – Easing Pressure in The Lower Back

Arm Garland Pose – Malasana Every now and then heavily pregnant ladies come to our classes wanting to ease the pressure in their backs. This squatting pose helps relieve …

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Balance Your Dosha With Ayurveda

  The great thing about Ayurveda is that when it comes to nutrition, you generally receive information regarding which individual foods and spices are best for your dosha …

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