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Yoga & Meditation For All

Our Mission

The Australian School of Meditation & Yoga (ASMY) is one of Australia's leading not for profit meditation and yoga schools. ASMY has been serving the Australian community for over 30 years.

The purpose of ASMY Community Care is to provide the benefits of a yoga lifestyle and meditation to the underserved, at-risk, and disadvantaged members of our community.

Our Programs

Our Impact

Over the past 30 years, ASMY has:

Served out over 150,000 free/by donation meals
Run 27,000+ free/low cost community singing and meditation events
Offered over 18,000 free meditation courses

Program Outcomes:

Increased sense of connection to self and others
Enhanced quality of life through stress reduction and increased resilience
Improved physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing
Greater sense of meaning and purpose

Our Team

Our teachers are experienced, fully qualified yoga and meditation instructors who are trained to teach students with special needs. Our teachers hold senior first aid qualifications and a current Working With Children check.



Chris is a qualified counsellor who has been practicing yoga and meditation for 22 years. A father of 2 young children, Chris’s teaching style is grounding and supportive. He believes meditation is the greatest gift in life, and posses’ a wealth of knowledge to assist his students from his 18 years of teaching.

For the past 7 years, Ambarissa has been teaching yoga asana and meditation classes to many different people, from university students to corporate executives. Since moving from Brisbane to the South Coast of NSW in 2016, Ambarissa continues to share the gifts of yoga with others and loves seeing people greatly benefit. She was raised, along with her 3 siblings, with meditation as a key part of her life and can’t imagine life without it! She also has a love for the great outdoors and organises Adventure & Meditate days around NSW and other community events.


Kalindi is a passionate Hatha Yoga Teacher who has been teaching for 7 years. She discovered her love for yoga at a young age, and continues to draw strength on the teachings of yoga as a foundation for living a happy, healthy life. Kalindi is deeply inspired by seeing others grow and transform through embracing the yoga lifestyle.


Having discovered the practice of yoga and meditation as a teenager, Janina has had an almost lifelong experience with yoga and meditation. From a young age, she offered stress management and meditation workshops throughout Australia, Canada and Asia, with the hopes of helping people tune in, de-stress and have fun with yoga.



Andrew teaches simple classes that offer a well-rounded balance of breathing, relaxation and meditation. Andrew has taught numerous classes at community organisations such as schools, Carers Australia, as well as 30+ yoga lifestyle classes each year for many years at the Gold Coast Council libraries.

Andrew thrives on sharing the gifts of the yoga lifestyle with the hopes of inspiring people to live a positive balanced life - physically, mentally and spiritually.



Having taught for 10 years, Candace’s extensive experience ranges from teaching in yoga studios, corporate settings and aged-care, as well as coordinating charity events including the Yoga Aid Challenge and International Yoga day Festival.

Candace values the holistic benefits that yoga has to offer, such as strength, inner calm, compassion and tolerance.


If you are involved with or caring for people who are underserved, disadvantaged or at-risk, and would like to enquire about how ASMY can serve your community, please get in touch with us via the following contact form. Our friendly staff will be in contact with you as soon as possible to discuss how we can help.

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ASMY has been offering yoga and meditation at Mirikai for over 13 years. Our classes offer students a well-rounded practice of physical asanas, breathing, mindfulness and meditation. Students from the program are invited to attend our free community meditation evenings, which gives them the opportunity to foster relationships in a healthy social environment.



At Cura we provide yoga and meditation classes to refugees and migrants to help ease the stress and trauma of relocating.


Gold Coast City Council

ASMY provides free and low cost community yoga lifestyle workshops, yoga asana and meditation programs all year round in local libraries, community halls, and city parks.


Gold Coast Centre Against Sexual Violence

Since 2016, ASMY has been offering an ongoing yoga and meditation program that supports women recovering from, or suffering from, sexual violence.


Yoga & Meditation for War Veterans and ADF

Veteran and military communities around the world are successfully using the tools of yoga and meditation to help support their health, resiliency and healing, and the physical, mental and emotional demands of military service. The practice of yoga has the additional benefit of preventing and/or reducing injury, while simultaneously helping to manage the experience of pain.

Certificates of Appreciation