Alyce has been practicing yoga asana on and off since her late teens, however a case of situational depression caused her to return to the mat on a regular basis. “Practicing Yoga allowed me to sit with my sadness and not feel completely overwhelmed. By cultivating a regular practice, the veil of helplessness began to lift, and I discovered a new inner strength and resolve within myself to live completely. I would open my eyes after practice and once again see the world in all its beauty and light!” She was drawn to study and understand Yoga deeper and completed her 200-hour teacher training with Akhanda Yoga Australia in Springbrook, Queensland in 2016. It was there with the guidance of her teachers Sadashiv and Radha Rani she learnt of the wealth and abundance of Yoga beyond simply a postural practice.

In her classes, Alyce aims to create a supported space for her students, whilst encouraging them to tune in and notice their body and inner voice. She teaches hatha style yoga, weaving asana (movement), pranayama(breath), meditation and mantra to form a complete and indivisible practice.