Who am I?  Why am I here? Where can I find real happiness and fulfillment?

Have you ever wondered who you really are or what the purpose of life is?

What is karma all about?

Is reincarnation true?

What is the answer to the problems and conflict facing us personally and socially?

How can I achieve inner satisfaction and peace?

If you are seeking answers to these deeper questions in life then join us in a journey of self-discovery at our Sacred Music Meditation (kirtan) on Fridays 7pm - 8:30pm, Sunday Kirtan Meditation 6:00pm – 7:30pm and our Journey of Self Discovery Workshops held throughout the year.

Spiritual Knowledge is empowering because it gives you the wisdom and clarity to make informed decisions to increase your sense of well being and happiness.

Life is a journey and every decision changes the road ahead. But what is the real meaning of our journey through life and why does it matter?

If we look at the ancient Yoga teachings we will find answers to these important questions enabling us to create a life filled with deeper meaning, purpose and inner peace.

Our Yoga Wisdom Programs

Kirtan Meditation Circle & Spiritual Insights (Fridays)

Immerse yourself in an evening of sweet heartfelt sacred music meditation (kirtan/chanting) and experience deep peace and happiness.

Develop more clarity and insights with gems of spiritual wisdom which enable us to navigate our journey through life with an increased sense of inner peace and calm.

A delicious supper is included and there's ample time to ask questions. ($5 donation appreciated.) For more info on Kirtan Meditation please click on link below: Kirtan Meditation 

Fridays 7pm-8:30pm

Bring your friends, everyone welcome

sacred sound meditation

Sacred Music Meditation (Kirtan), Inspiring Talk on Spiritual Wisdom and a Delicious Supper

Join us every Sunday for heartfelt kirtan meditation and experience the deeply relaxing and enlivening effect of mantra meditation in a group. You will also gain practical spiritual knowledge as we explore how to apply the wisdom from the ancient Vedas for a more harmonious and joyful life.

What to bring: Comfortable seating provided, so just bring your enthusiasm participation and water bottle!

When: Every Sunday 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Supper is provided and a $5 donation would be much appreciated to help support our programs.

To help you on your personal spiritual journey, we are excited to announce that we have a new book available at our studio.


Compiled by senior meditation & yoga teacher, Gopala dasi, who has been studying and practicing the ancient wisdom of essential yoga teachings for 40 years, this well thought out, and easy to understand enlightening book is now available at the Australian School of Meditation & Yoga.

Some of the topics covered are: Discover Your True Self, Exploring the Power of the Mind, Karma & Reincarnation Explained, Seeking Spiritual Knowledge, and What is our True Purpose in Life.

By discovering the profound ancient teachings of yoga wisdom, you will gain greater knowledge, clarity, understanding and a deep sense of inner peace and happiness for your journey through life.

Only $15.00

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