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Taking Your Asanas Outdoors

By Madya Lila | September 25, 2017

Isn’t it lovely that the weather is warming up! In Queensland we have a wonderfully mild winter, and the hardy souls only usually drop swimming for a couple of months if that! Not being very much of a hardy soul I love it when there is a warmth to the atmosphere, while the breeze is …

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Springtime Refresh with Yoga

By Madya Lila | August 28, 2017

Spring is seen as a time to detox; of cleansing away the excesses of winter comfort foods and helping the body reach new heights of energy and freshness. Actually the body is detoxing all the time. That is the liver’s job. However with some simple additions to our health regime we can assist our hard …

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Three Reasons to Take up a Yoga Practice

By Gayatri A | August 2, 2017

1. Physical Well-being – Yoga asanas (poses or exercises) do so many amazing things to your body, I could be here all day explaining just a few of the physical benefits of yoga, but let’s keep this short and to the point. Probably the first thing people think of when the word yoga is mentioned …

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Are Yoga Asanas Spiritual?

By Madya Lila | July 27, 2017

One time a student asked, ‘How can I spiritualise my yoga asana practice? Are yoga asanas and pranayam intrinsically spiritual?’ Yoga asanas are not intrinsically spiritual, but they can be. There are many reasons people take to a yoga practice these days. It is well known that asanas help us care for our joints, muscles, …

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Boost Your Immunity with Yoga

By Madya Lila | July 3, 2017

You always know winter’s here when people start getting sick! In fact my son and his family are wading their way through a stomach flu while my daughter and her family are immersed in a heavy cold. Ahh the glories of winter when all the germs seem to take hold, defeating our immune systems and …

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Breathing Exercises

Kapalbhati Breathing

By Madya Lila | May 29, 2017

As the weather cools down for the winter months we can use this breath to help warm us up. It also keeps us alert and lifts our energy. Although the strong version is not recommended for people with heart problems, high blood pressure, hernias, reflux or if they are pregnant or menstruating the easier version …

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Celebrating All Things Yoga

By Madya Lila | May 29, 2017

Life is full of ups and downs. Let yoga be one of your ups! Yoga in all of its variety of practices including asana, pranayama, relaxation and meditation is such a healthy thing to do and when we are glowing with yoga health we feel great and ready for the world. While many yoga books …

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Winter Deep Peace Retreat

By Madya Lila | May 1, 2017

Cosy up around the fire, relax and savour the tranquility at the July Deep Peace Retreat.  On this one day retreat  you can experience a deep rejuvenation as you release layers and layers of  tension. Out in the  rolling hills of the Bilambil country side, just 15 minutes from Coolangatta airport our hosts Maladhar dasi …

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Shoulder Stand for Restoration

By Madya Lila | April 23, 2017

What is a great pose this month for Mums? Gosh every pose is wonderful! Mums need to be strong and flexible and relaxed. Everything that the whole gamut of yoga poses offer in a great class. But some mums are run off their feet managing a family and a house and a job. So what …

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We Even Need Yoga for the Eyes

By Madya Lila | April 1, 2017

Sore and tired eyes from too much screen time? Needing to wear glasses to read now that you’ve been eyeing that screen on and off for the last few years? Sure signs that the eyes need some yoga! Although optometrists might say there’s nothing that can be done to improve eyesight, yogis know that strengthening …

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