Namaste everyone. I’m Debbie, I take the early morning ‘Easy Flow’ classes. These sessions are gentle, with easy to follow asanas that will invigorate the body while soothing the mind and soul. What a wonderful way to start the day! I’m a mother of two delightful boys and have 10 years experience in the Fitness industry, where I taught an array of different classes around Adelaide.  I have a love of travel and music which led me to pursue a career as an International Travel Consultant & Lead Vocalist.

What started out for me as a means to better myself on a personal level, yoga quickly became my new found love.  Having tried different ways to help with anxiety and lack of energy, nothing worked long term until I started attending classes at ASMY in North Adelaide.  Yoga has literally transformed every part of my life and I feel truly blessed to have discovered it. I was so amazed at the range of benefits yoga and meditation had on me, that I enrolled into the Veda Yoga Teacher Training course in order to learn more. Well, I was hooked. I’m absolutely delighted to be sharing this journey with others and look forward to meeting you all soon.