Summer Cooler

It’s so important for food to LOOK good as well as taste good. Maladhar, the hostess of the Deep Peace Retreats applied her artistry to this simple parfait at the last retreat and wowed us all. “It’s all about colour and freshness” she told us.  ☺

Parfait glasses: If you want to feed the multitudes get disposable wine glasses, they are clear and on a stem and look just the part.
Thick custard: The bought custard is too thin so you have to make your own. A good quality custard powder works best, just follow the instructions on the packet and add a little more of the powder.
Thick jelly: Being vegetarian we can either make jelly from the seaweed – agar agar, or in this case we used tapioca (also known as sago).  Choose a nice rich colour fruit juice like grape to offset the yellow custard. You can buy tapioca from the Supermarket and follow the directions on the packet, making it a little thicker than normal proportions.
Cream: Whip up the cream with a little sugar to make it tasty
Decorative skewers: these can be obtained from Variety stores and make a nice addition.
Fruit that can be cubed: e.g. grapes, mango, melon etc

Putting it together:
Layer the custard and jelly and top with whipped cream and decorate with fruit. For extra flair, you can add *decorative skewers by taking toothpicks or kebab skewers and threading some fruit on them.
*Decorative skewers: these can be obtained from Variety stores and make a nice addition. 

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